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The Disinfectant

Annihilyte® is a powerful ready-to-use broad spectrum tuberculocidal disinfectant. The solution is made entirely from salt, water and electricity. Annihilyte® is effective against a broad range of dangerous bacteria, viruses and spores, without the hazardous and toxic chemicals found in traditional products. The active ingredient, Hypochlorous acid, is used naturally by the human body immune system. Annihilyte® is a non-irritating (skin, eye or respiratory) solution that breaks down entirely into salt water over time, which doesn’t burden the environment. It is EPA Toxicity Category IV, which is the lowest category given to an EPA registered disinfectant. To illustrate this, “if water could be registered with the EPA as a disinfectant, it would carry the same toxicity category.”

HOCl in the Human Body

Hypochlorous acid is used by our immune system to fight infection. The reason Annihilyte® is so effective on hard surfaces, is because it is a neutral pH range (6.5-7) and ~99% water. The germ thinks it’s a food source and allows it inside. Once inside, the free available chlorine destroys the DNA completely and prevents resistant strains.

Kills Germs Such as...

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